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Lao Dao Wai
First of all, you can go outside the Lao Dao Wai. Outside the Lao Dao Wai is the historical old district of Harbin, where Baroque architecture built in the early 20th century can be seen everywhere. Dozens of old alleys have a strong romanticism and are also mixed with many Chinese elements.
Harbin Opera House
Then you can go to the Harbin Opera House. The Harbin Opera House, inspired by the design of the northern country's ice and snow, is also a rookie in Harbin architecture. The undulating architectural lines are rich in natural rhythm, like a rolling snow mountain. Even if you don't watch the show, the beauty of this unique building is worth visiting.
Zhaolin Park
Next, you can go to Zhaolin Park. Zhaolin Park and the beautiful Songhua River across the road, General Li Zhaolin was buried here, so it was named Zhaolin Park by the Heilongjiang Provincial Government. Due to the unique climatic conditions in Harbin, Zhaolin Park has formed two natural scenery that are completely different in winter and summer.
Harbin Confucian Temple
Finally, you can go to the Harbin Confucian Temple to see. Here, the summer yard is a tall pine and cypress, and there is a large lawn, which is very suitable for hanging around in the afternoon. In the winter, the pine cones are covered with ground, and the snow is covered with golden glazed tiles. The red wall threshold is beautiful. There are Confucius statues in the courtyard, as well as the Zhuangyuan Bridge. Every May, on the eve of the college entrance examination, many student parties will come here to worship, may wish to walk the Yuanqiao Bridge and ask for a good color.
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